Monday, May 06, 2013

How To Measure Cleanliness Of A Toilet

China is one of the most polluted country in the world.  The air pollution is really bad, so much so that it is estimated that a tenth of the population will eventually die of lung cancer. There is this joke that Beijing residents are the best means  to be used as natural filters to rid the capital off industrial pollutants

If you have been to China, you will no doubt try your best to stay away from the public toilets. Most of these latrines are nothing more than dug holes with no proper flushing systems. Most of the toilets are clogged, a combination of irresponsible users and zero maintenance.

Recently the Chinese government has developed an interesting metric to measure the cleanliness of a toilet  It is going to use the the number of fly, yes you heard it, the number of fly as the yardstick to grade the hygiene level of the washroom. Don't believe it? Check this out right here!

I am not sure who the smart Alex that works in the environmental and health department come out with such ridiculous idea and actually really got it approved by the top management? I guess it really bothers on insanity but hey, on second thought is doesn't sound that bad either.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Price Of Statin Drug - Losing Your Sight

Despite mounting evidence of the serious side effects pertaining to prolong intake of Statin drug to lower cholesterol, many doctors are still prescribing it to patients without warning them of the impact it may have to their eye sight.

Click here for more information about Statin

This should not come as a surprise because the eye  membrane make use of cholesterol to maintain the transparency of the lens. Our brain is also made up mostly of cholesterol.

Lowering of cholesterol with this drug might lead to cataract as the eye membrane becomes deprived of the one thing that it need to keep the lens in good condition.

Moreover, if you are a diabetic and on statin then you are in for the double whammy. Reason being that a diabetics is already in higher risk of contracting eye complications and add to the increase probability of cataract due to the  intake of Statin put you in very bad situation. You might lose your sight completely.

Always make it a point to learn more about the drugs which your doctor prescribed for your illness. With the Internet, you can practically find information on the side effects of most drugs.

Of course it is important for you to be aware of the misinformation that many website carries in regards to medication. When in doubt, talk to your doctor on what you know and if necessary look for second opinion.

Monday, November 05, 2012

One Way Ticket To The Hospital

In my younger days, probably when I was six or seven years old, I used to hear my old neighbor grandparents, in their late 70 or early 80 said regardless of whatever illnesses, they will never go to hospital for treatment.

The old adage and notion held by many elderly folks during those days were that the chances of them getting well and discharge  from hospital treatment is very slim. Some old folks even view the hospital as a death sentence, a one way ticket to the grave so to speak.

I was rather amused and thought that old people are rather superstitious or  misinformed about not being able to get well from hospital treatment. I guess I was wrong after all these years. Well you see, the old folks are smarter than we think.

Checkout this article on the health risk associated with hospital errors and mismanagement. Medical treatment facilities are among the most gem filled places. You strongly advice to wash your hands with thoroughly when you leave hospital.

Besides, some drugs administered by doctors are not without side effect all together. I recalled my dad lose a lot of weight when he was warded to the hospital for diabetic related conditions.

What transpire in the new few weeks in the hospital was really upsetting to say the least. A junior doctor (probably a houseman) said my dad had some eye complications (which is absurd because he had excellent eyesight! ).

Instead of focusing on more pertinent conditions such as bloating and indigestion of food, swollen legs and increase heart palpitations, some of the junior doctors choose to put their diagnose focus on his eye instead. Later I discovered it is because some of them were working on project relating to ophthalmology!.

Anyway, the point I am would like to make is that don't discount old folks concerns regarding medical centers.  My dad was lucky that he was discharge after spending a month being poke with  various needles for blood sampling.

All said and done, he continue to live for another year and finally suffered a heart attack in the early hours of dawn and passed way .

It's been eighteen years and I reckon how time sure pass quickly. Despite the advancement of medical science, some hospitals around the world continue to pose high infection and medical error risks to patients and visitors.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Sickest Nation In The World Today

China was called the sick man of Asia during the late 19th century and the leading up to the early twentieth century. It was a time whereby the middle kingdom was perplexed and rife with internal government conflicts, division and foreign interventions.

The derogatory term somewhat befits the Chinese during those dark days, at least to certain extent as the majority of the population indulge in drugs such as opium, thanks to the British traders who exported it to the mainland.

Times and tide has changed in today's world. I bet you may not know that China is no longer the the sickest nation in the world so to speak (even though in terms of population, it might still stand as the highest in the world for those admitted to the hospital or needing treatment of somesorts.

On the contrary the United States by virtue of the size of the healthcare budget, the number of citizens receiving healthcare easily outrank others to be as the number one in the world. So is the USA the new sick man of the West?

Healthcare spending in the US constitutes over 16% of the country GDP,  the highest percentage amongst developed nations. Medical spending in the year 2010 alone exceeds 2.3 million US dollars, a staggering amount.

The rate of increase for health cost surpassed wage increment by a factor of at least 3 times and over sixteen percent of the population do not have any health insurance. Government spending for hospitals and related activities expected to surpassed 60 billion dollars each year!.

If President Obama gets reelected then the Obamacare policy which is popular known will surely takes effect and this implies the entire cost of the health expenditures will likely to quadruple as the government sought to provide free insurance coverage for every single of the citizen.

It is indeed mind boggling and hard to figure out why a developed nation like the US need to spend trillions of dollars on the population medical care. Obviously, there are more sick people in the country relative to other developed nations.

It is not surprising that the FDA is working in cahoot with big pharma to fleece on the population by providing expensive and ineffective treatments for even mild and common diseases.

Despite all the advances in medical and biological technology and science, the US food chain is making its population more sick than ever.  Reports by the US CDC indicates one third of the adults are obese and overweight!.

Is US the sickest nation in the world? Well, you be the judge!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Is This The Ultimate Anti Aging Secret?

Of recent I was introduced to a product by the name of ageLOC R2.  I have never heard of this anti aging supplement before. It is not a cheap product by all means, something like close to two thousand dollars for supply of up to four months prescription.
ageLOC R2 is touted to be a scientific breakthrough youth preserving and even age reversal product. It works by targeting the molecular and cellular DNA cells of the body. 

The exact detail mechanism of what it does and how it works remains top secret however suffice to say, there are many customers who are very satisfied with its efficacy and results. Besides slowing down the process of growing old, it is promoted as a weight loss solution.

Like most other wellness supplements in the market, the efficacy and effectiveness of this health supplement is neither endorse, validated nor regulated by the FDA.  It is best to check with the doctor if you on prescribed medication. You wouldn't want to take any chances when it comes to oral medication.

One of the cell structure targeted by this supplement is the cell powerhouse, namely the mitochondria. It is not surprising that keeping the cell powerhouse in good condition would help to slow down aging process.

CQ10 is one important for the heart and it also helps to combat premature cell degeneration by charging the Mitochondria. Check out this article on more information regarding the cell powerhouse.

Here are some past articles on tips to longevity and youth which might be of interest to you.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Is Anti Aging Cream Safe?

Anti Aging Topical Skin Care Products

There are all sorts of anti aging products in the market. It's hard to determine nor underpin if they are effective or not given all the over hypes and promotions put up by the big cosmetic and youth preserving industries.

Anti aging and wellness products are categorized as 'cosmetic' in nature and are therefore not regulated by the FDA nor required any approval for sales by the health authority of most countries.

Some of the so-called 'proprietary' core ingredients are not labelled clearly on many of such products. You never know what accumulates into your body and the potential side effects as a result of prolong treatment.

Topical Treatment Not As Safe As You Think

Most people assume that cream applied to skin is quite safe but is that truly the case? On the contrary, the advent in nano technology has made it possible to develop microscopic nano particles that can easily penetrate and enter the blood stream.

Please check out the following site on the possible health dangers associated with nano particles.  You may wonder why more and more companies are utilizing such technology in wellness and health care products. 

Final Thoughts

As of  today, health authority of most countries do not have any unified establish standard body to adhere to so as to regulate and monitor the risk associated with nano particles used in wellness topical products.

As the saying goes, you should not apply stuffs on your skin which you will not put into your mouth. Is anti aging cream safe?  I am not so sure, you be the judge.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How To Slow Down Premature Aging - Balance Body Chemistry

Anti Aging Products Are Big Business

Anti-aging cosmetic products span billion dollar industries. There are all sorts of wellness and so called growing old reversal products targeted both men and women of all ages, sold worldwide with no sign of slowing down. Can these products really preserve youth  ?

Can topical solution, serum or cream applied to the face or the rest of body rejuvenate and slow down premature aging?  Likewise can those hundreds and thousands of brands of vitamin and mineral pills sold worldwide keeps you young?

My wife always make it a point to replenish her stockpiles of Lancome products, specifically those targeting wrinkle, crow feet, sunburn, black spots and etc. One fine day I told her I just use normal soap to for shower and washing my face and I seems to have much better skin complexion than her.

I am not an anti aging experts nor am I qualified to judge and make any claims as to whether all those wellness and cosmetics effective or not. To certain extent I believe some of these products do help; the question though is how effective and whether if there are any side effects.

As the saying goes, beauty is only skin dip; most of the treatment or wellness treatment done on the outside such as the skin as well as supplement intake has limited effect in maintaining youth.

Your body is make up of billions of cells interacting in complex chemistry.  Medical research and studies has shown that accelerated premature aging occurs when the body chemistry becomes unbalance (becomes more acidic in nature).

It All Starts From The Inside

The pH level has tremendous impact on the state of health. Ideally the blood of a healthy person should be in slightly alkaline state, somewhere around 7.5pH.

The human body will do its best to maintain equilibrium, failing of which triggers inflammation; this happens  when the blood becomes too acidic and cause your body chemistry to go haywire . Studies indicates such imbalance condition accelerate the process of growing old.

Some virus and bacteria are known to thrive in acidic environment. Your immune system is affected and your risk of contracting cancer increase multiple fold. Tumor growth is harder to control and managed under acidic pH environment.

Furthermore your body will pull minerals from the bones in attempt to neutralize acidic condition. This has the adverse effect of triggering osteoporosis as your body lose ability to generate bone matrix to replace those that wears off. As a result your bones gets thinner and thinner.

Tips On How To Keep Your Body Chemistry In Balance

Pay attention to the food you eat daily.  Reduce or avoid completely beverages, soft drinks and other processed food laced with additives and pesticides. Most of these processed food are acidic and will overload your body, disrupting ability to maintain balance chemistry.

Did you know that your body generates acid all the time?  The air that you exhale (carbon dioxide) contains carbonic acid.  Your kidney excrete uric acid. You don't need to further overload your internal system by taking more of such food. 

Avoid taking too much fruits that are acidic in nature. Some fruits are high in sugar and acidic content so it is advisable not to consume too much of it. You check out which fruits are alkaline over here.  Take fruits with high anti-oxidant content for instance pomegranate, grapefruit, berries and vegetables that are rich in fiber.

Regular exercise are known to improve blood circulation, regulates and improve growth hormone and overall well being. Make it a point to do some workout to keep your hormone in balance. Get enough quality sleep so that your body can repair and rejuvenate.


You don't need to resort spending huge amount of money on anti-aging and youth preserving products,  Beauty and health comes from the inside, thus make it a point to live a healthy life style and so long as your body chemistry is maintain properly, you shouldn't worry about getting old too fast.